A Career to Love: Mindset and Career Development


  • When building a satisfying career, you must embrace and pursue your own path.
  • Building a satisfying career is continuing choice, not a one-time decision.
  • A fulfilling career is built upon natural strengths which enable you to work with ease and to gain expertise faster.
  • For a little piece of astrology about careers, begin by getting a free natal chart online at astro.cafeastrology.com. Just click on “Birth Chart” once you get there.

Did you know that there are things to look at on your natal chart that can give ideas to consider when working on your own career plan? At the top of your chart will be a sign that indicates what others easily recognize about you. When you combine that info with your moon sign and your Mars sign you can really start to gather some helpful ideas that can point to practical steps to try in your career.

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