Relationships and Focus: Creating Satisfying Relationships


  • Feeling good is powerful and it is the place you must start to improve your relationships.
  • You will immediately feel heightened freedom and energy when you release others to their own creation and focus on yours.
  • People benefit from being around your positive energy almost as much as you do by allowing it!
  • You can be an example of a person who focuses on the positive as you go through your life feeling good and being secure in your personal power most of the time.
  • Make room for inspired action in all your relationships. Action that will result in new and better interactions and connections with others for you to enjoy.
  • It’s so important to be disciplined about what you are focusing on about other people in order to have satisfying relationships.
  • Don’t let your mind obsess about how someone is so awful and don’t dwell on those things that you find annoying about someone else. Instead, cut them a break…no, cut yourself a break!
  • You have to control your focus to feel good. In fact, it is the only thing you do have control of. You can’t control others or at-the-moment situations you find yourself in, but you can control what you think about and what you give your attention to.
  • Every accomplishment and thing of beauty comes about because somebody believed in somebody. Believe in those around you. Believe in the best of them to see more of it.
  • And believe in yourself and your ability to keep your focus on what you enjoy and want to see more of…then look for it.

Sparkscast: Setting Intentions


PART ONE: Today I want to talk about planting seeds for the new year. 2014 is nearly upon us and it is all very exciting. I wanted to encourage you to take a few minutes to think about how it’s going to feel this year. What are you going to accomplish and how is it going to feel. What is it that you really want and how is it going to feel? Spend some time thinking about how you want to feel this year. This is something that you can practice for a few seconds every day and it will make a huge impact on your life. The important thing is not to just list a to-do list or write down main accomplishments that you want to achieve but instead to think about how you are going to feel when you achieve what you want. What is that gonna feel like. And practice feeling it now. That’s the important piece.

PART TWO: The kids are returning to school soon and one of the questions I hear quite if often is, “Why does school have to be so hard?” “Why does it have to be so boring?” So I wanted to run you through preparing the feeling place to have a much better day at school. There is always something positive to focus on. There are interesting people to meet. Nice people to look at. Fun projects that are going to happen. Every day at school there’s something interesting or fun. And you can give that all of your attention and feel very good about those projects and those experiences and focusing on what you like at school. There is something there every day. Even if it’s for a short time at first. Focus on it. Focus on it intently. Focus on it as intently as you would if it was something that you didn’t like and you wanted to stop. But we don’t want to pay attention to things that we don’t like. Don’t give those things any focus at all. Just note, “Oh, there’s that thing again,” and change your focus. “Well if I don’t like that what do I like?” And think about it, focus on it, feel what you do like, talk about what you do like, and forget about what you don’t like. This is how we create an attitude of abundance and positive mindset. And it’s the way to stop resistance so that you don’t get more of it. What you really want is more of what you like. So focus more on what you like. Give it your attention. There’s always something to like.

PART THREE: So I wanted to talk about astrology. Astrology as a tool for insight. I think it’s a wonderful tool that offers some quick intuitive flashes and leaps in understanding if we’ll embrace it as a symbolic language. And look at it as a tool, just a simple tool. Like I’m gonna pick up my screwdriver now and work on this project. So like it’s just I’m going to pick up the astrology chart right now and see what insights it offers me. Not a big fan of thinking about using astrology for every single question and every single thing. But I think it’s wonderful for giving important life lesson insights that give you clarity on what’s really important for you. And what’s really important for you is not what’s important for someone else and that’s okay. But astrology can offer a way to really focus in on and get clear about what is important for you which can help you filter out all the other gunk that is only a distraction.

The place to start is to get a copy of your natal chart. It is all done by computer software. You can get a free natal chart online at Just click on “Birth Chart” once you get there. You will need your birth date, birth time, and birthplace to generate a chart.

One of the first things I look at when I look at a chart is the placement of the north node by house and sign. Which gives the big picture idea of hints into your life purpose. And it might help you sync up with a way of being that can really move you forward towards everything that you want in life. So that’s one of the first things I look at. It’s a very big picture view and it’s a lifelong journey. But you can know that if you lean in the direction of that north node, you’re heading in the right direction. And even better yet is that the insights and clarity that you can get from taking a look at that north node can be really priceless. So that’s one of the first things that I look at on a chart and then I look for the Sun sign next and it really helps me to fill in the details after I have that idea in place.


When Unhappy at Work

There’s a difficult time between where you are now and where you want to be that requires extra focus when you are unhappy at work or when you plan to change jobs or careers. If you are unhappy at work you have a few options.

  • Quit right now with no notice, telling them to take the job and shove it as you walk out the door. Feel a few moments of joy and freedom until you take yourself to your next opportunity and, most likely, recreate the same unhappiness you had before.
  • Stay with a bad attitude. Tell the story every day of how you hate your job, the people you work with, and how you are underpaid, under-appreciated, and have no options. The more you practice this outlook the easier it becomes.
  • Stay and tell a different story. Talk about what you appreciate about your job or career. Practice looking at the bright side and you will see more bright side. Heck, your co-workers and boss might even start treating you differently.
  • Stay and tell a different story while defining what you want in your next career move. Be on the lookout for the next opportunity all the while appreciating your current position and building more skills and contacts.

One thing that helps is to focus more on what you want next rather than what you don’t like about where you are currently because that makes the current day-to-day very difficult and keeps a negative vibe going. So during times of change, it’s important to focus on the excitement for what is coming but with an ability to be appreciative of where you are now and how far you’ve come. Instead of leaving your current position in anger or hastily, think in terms of going to the next step in your career out of excitement and interest and let that guide your actions.